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How to do freelancing in the year 2022?

How to Do Freelancing | KenWeb Technologies

Freelancing is tougher than it looks. You may face hurdles along the way, sometimes you don’t get as many clients or payment don’t get credited on time. However, stick to it. Try to expand your horizon and sharpen your technical and communication skills. The success will kiss your feet.

These sites will request the fundamental information of yours that is concealed from others simply required information is displayed on your profile. You have to remember that the most important thing is that your profile must be 100% finished, otherwise you won’t find great customers.

The question of how to do freelancing in India is getting traction and success in India.

With a huge percentage of freelancers in India, the main issue is that they show a lot of interest in their early days, and when things don’t roll on the way they expected, their interest starts decreasing gradually. You might even find the right website for yourself, but still, the chances of failure are actually higher than you think.

What if we say that we’ve got some “easy to follow” tips for you, after reading which, you will definitely go high with confidence?

Spend More Hours Online

We all know that freelancing needs some extra effort. When you return from your job/college, you feel tired! You don’t have the energy to spend 4-5 hours on freelancing after that. However, we advise you to spend a minimum of two hours in the beginning. Further, gradually increase that duration as much as you can.


More you spend time online, more you keep on approaching clients, higher the chances are there that you form a good circle over there, and trust us, just 2-3 clients you get, things will automatically start looking smooth to you. in case you are unable to catch clients in the beginning, neither baffle yourselves nor put extra burden you yourselves.

Be flexible in choosing clients & show full dedication


When you’ve freshly kicked the proceedings on any freelancing sites, you better show flexibility in choosing work. Getting clients for a specific subject, or just long term and short term goals will make you wait a lot! Rather, if you show flexibility and versatility (grab maximum out of the work that is thrown at you), huge chances are there that you’ll begin earning pretty soon.


Also, rather than picking multiple tasks and bewildering yourselves, its better to pick work according to your comfort, Show full dedication, and try to complete the tasks before time, as that will elevate your reputation in front of your clients. Never compromise with the quality either!

Make daily based work your priority

Once you have established well on any freelancing site, ensure prioritizing those clients, who are capable of providing you daily based assignments. Regular work directly means more earning.

The big advice is, even if you are getting a bit lesser price for your work than expectations, then also just grab it if it’s a long term work. The decreasing rate also acts as a superior technique in freelancing, as everyone is looking for good quality in less money.


Finding the right freelancing site is the second most important thing after your talent. However, you find so many freelancing websites out there, that you’ll be entirely bewildered in case you don’t have the right knowledge. Considering all data, we’ve formed the list of the best freelancing sites in India, which provides you worldwide client base.


Originally Fiverr offers $5 to the services supplied by the freelancers. More money clients can earn in order to develop what they exactly want. Freelancers use Fiverr to start themselves until they have a sample work/portfolio providing facilities for a certain period at the cost.

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Freelancer is an excellent freelance website where you work as freelancers for projects. Freelancer provides the impression to specially offer online dealings where you could provide your services and earn well. Talking about the diversity of freelancing opportunities, is the best site for any freelancer in India!

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SimplyHired provides the major selection of contracts of any site on this list. From building to a caretaker job. The website claims a decoration of opportunities for anybody looking for more jobs as a freelancer. It helps freelancers in discovering work over 24 nations. It doesn’t narrow to this English-language job, providing 12 tongues in.


Guru Industries can find freelancers for several services on Users get the right to utilize to 1.5 million freelancers and a time-tracking system that was introduced in 2015 in order for the freelancer could track the time whilst working. In contrast to other best freelancing sites in India, you might get lesser foreign-based work, but for any newbie, getting work faster is a bigger priority, and that’s what Guru is good at!


The 800-pound heavy in the freelancer cosmos, it absorbs plenty of customers. You’re able to find any work depending on your easiness since working as a freelancer does not bother about the age category. It only needs the task or the abilities you have. Most importantly, on Upwork, you won’t have to wait long for your first projects!
So, get your computer in place, ensure a good internet connection, and you’re ready to roll on!

Ready to Become a Freelancer?

In this guide, we have comprehensively discussed about the steps to become a freelancer. Apart from that, this guide also includes the best freelancing website you should sign up to kickstart your freelancing career as well. 
The procedure of signing up to freelancing platforms are simple, however you need to be consistant when it comes to bidding and communicating with clients.
Make sure you understand client’s requirement and do your best to complete the project before deadline. Being a well known web development company, in case if you require any web development related services, feel free to contact us.